There are two basic types of printers out there on the market; ink jet printers and laser printers. Both have the capability of printing out clear and very nice black and white documents as well as color images but there are some very specific differences that make an ink jet a better choice over a laser jet and vice versa, depending on your needs.

Today in this advanced world printer is everyone’s need. Every office and mostly home users have printers to fulfill their needs. Printers are of two types Laser and Inkjet printer. Some users use inkjet printers and some are using Laser because of having difference in their needs.



Both printers are capable of printing high quality prints with black and color printing. There are some special features that give Inkjet printer an edge over Laser printer. The main reason for writing that article is to guide you better about these printers so that you will buy best according to your choice and requirement.

Inkjet printer.

Inkjet printer is used in mid-1800 for medical usage however after the passage of time these printers were now used to print official and photography printing. It uses liquid ink and works like a dot matrix printer. It uses dots of ink and spread it on paper and create a word or picture according to computers demand.

Because of using ink its print will shine and when we print a picture with inkjet printer it shines more than any other ink usage. So it works better in photography and used more ink in printing simple documents. As a result it’s a best machine for printing your pictures however in office use it brings your expenses high. Print speed of Inkjet is also slower than Laser printers.

Laser printer.

Laser printers are advanced technology than inkjet. It is used to print high quality prints with lesser time. These printers are best for printing documents as alphabetic and numeric words that is why we often found them in large organizations and different offices. Inkjet printer use ink cartridges as a storage media for storing liquid ink.  The main thing why these printers are launched is for documentation printing however they are also capable of printing photos.

They give us crisp document prints than other sources available with lesser ink usage. They use dry ink that is best for printing documents however they are a bit behind in printing colorful images that is why Inkjet printers got an edge over it. Laser printer also suits to those printing organizations that have low budget and also used in different networks because of their high printing speed.

After this discussion I recommend you to buy inkjet printers if you want to use your printer for photography because they use more ink than Laser and produce shiny and crispy results. If you wants print documents of your office and home need than Laser printer really suits you because they cut your expense on printing.