We always read about different printer manufacturing companies who unveiled different printers for best results and for high quality prints however from these branded companies Epson took a step towards small business. They create two printers for small businessman’s who are unable to afford high prices of printers and ink cartridges. They launch two new work forces names and number as WF-7511 and WF-7011. WF-7511 is the first inkjet printer included in Epson workforce that is equipped with all in one features. Second printer that is known as WF-7011 only does printing and is specialized in color prints.



These printers are especially designed to meet the requirement of small businesses by putting the qualities of color Laser printer in them. These printers are very fast as like Laser printers and their printing speed is 34 pages per minute of black ink. Printer Ink used in these printers is especially manufactured so that it causes low expense on each print. Each print produce with these printers can cost us 0.80 paisa per page of black ink that looks very economical and affordable for everyone who is running a business of any kind. Cost per print with these printers is very low if compared to other printers available in market. These printers use high capacity Durabrite pigment ink that cuts our expenses by providing low price on each print.

This high capacity Durabrite ink makes your print long lasting by adding resistant effects from water and fading so that your prints will long last more than any other printer produce. Further features of these Epson workforces are built in Wi-Fi connectivity, Ethernet and all those features that you are using in any printer.

Epson F-7511 is multifunction printer that includes a best Fax machine with advanced technology, USB slots, memory card slots and scanning machine. This printer can also enable you to print directly from Apple iOS and androids by using Airprint system.

As an online interpreter if you are worried about printing expenses than these machines really suits you well. They are also capable of providing services to big organizations also however Epson inc. names them for small businesses because they are very economical for long terms and their inkjet gives you high quality prints with low rates per print.